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Health Insurance in Minnesota

Health insurance is vital in ensuring you and your family have access to the medical services and treatments you need. It helps provide financial protection from the rising cost of health care and can help you maintain wellness by providing reduced or no-cost preventative services and screenings. There are many levels of coverage with varying benefits. At JL Insurance, we’ll help you identify valuable coverage and explain the benefits. Then we quote your coverage with our portfolio of insurance companies to find a carrier that suits your needs and your budget. Get in touch or request quotes to get started now.

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Health Insurance Coverage

Primary Care

Covers doctor visits and consultations.


Covers inpatient care at hospitals and other medical facilities.

Laboratory Services

Covers tests, analyses, and other diagnostic laboratory services.

Prescription Drugs

Covers medications prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Preventative Care

Covers checkups, screenings, immunizations, and other preventative services.

Emergency Services

Covers urgent care for illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention.

Rehabilitation Services

Covers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehab services.

And More

There are many more coverage options available. Please note: not all services listed above are covered by every plan. Coverage varies depending on the policy.

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