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Business Insurance in Minnesota

Businesses face many risks that can put their operations and financial stability in question. Luckily, business insurance can help: From property damage caused by severe weather to liability claims from customers – plus those risks unique to a given industry. Figuring out what coverage and how much you need can be a stressful process. At JL Insurance, we’ll help you identify valuable coverage and explain the benefits. Then we quote your coverage with our portfolio of insurance companies to find a carrier that suits your needs and your budget. Get in touch or request quotes to get started now.

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Business Insurance Coverage

General Liability

Covers third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and other causes of loss for which your business in responsible.

Commercial Property

Covers damage to your building, office equipment, inventory, and other property.

Workers Compensation

Covers medical expenses and lost wages for employees that are hurt or made ill as a result of their job duties.

Commercial Auto

Covers vehicles used for business purposes and employees while they’re driving for work.

Professional Liability

Covers claims of negligence or mistakes made by professionals in their services. Also known as errors & omissions insurance.

Directors & Officers

Covers claims against corporate directors and officers for mismanagement and/or errors in their duties.

Commercial Inland Marine

Covers tools and equipment that travel with you to job sites.

And More

There are many more coverage options available.

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