Boat Insurance

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Boat Insurance in Minnesota

Boat insurance helps protect your financial future by providing coverage for damages and injury you cause to another party with your boat. In addition, it can provide protection for a variety of other perils, including physical damage to the boat. At JL Insurance, we’ll help you identify valuable coverage and explain the benefits. Then we quote your coverage with our portfolio of insurance companies to find a carrier that suits your needs and your budget. Get in touch or request quotes to get started now.

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Boat Insurance Coverage

Watercraft Liability

Covers property damage and/or bodily injury that you cause to another party in a boating accident.


Covers damage to your boat caused by a collision with another vehicle or object.


Covers damage to your boat caused by something other than a collision.

Fishing Equipment

Covers damaged, lost, or stolen fishing equipment.

Uninsured / Underinsured

Covers your own bodily injury caused by a boater with too little or no insurance.


Covers physical damage to your boat trailer caused in a collision.

On-water Towing

Covers towing your boat back to shore, should it become disabled on the water.

And More

There are many more coverage options available.

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